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The Future of Energy Management

Efficient, resilient, and sustainable
distributed energy systems

A microgrid is an intelligent energy distribution network that incorporates a variety of sources optimized and aggregated into a single, integrated system to balance loads and generation with or without energy storage and is capable of islanding whether connected to a traditional utility power grid or not.

Savings. Kilowatt hours for the cost of kilowatt minutes

Control. Analyze before and after behavior of your power system at 15 minute intervals

mVSO     mPulse

Security. Protection from power outages and cyber attacks

CleanSpark microgrids in a minute
It doesn’t take long to see the advantages of a CleanSpark Microgrid.
This short video will show you how you can save up to 80% on energy
costs while providing a secure, reliable, resilient and sustainable solution.

Think of a microgrid as active intelligence
whose unblinking eye is fixed on optimizing your energy usage, ensuring your security and lowering your energy costs continuously throughout the day.

A CleanSpark microgrid enables large power users to lower costs by actively managing power generation, storage and load.

Optimization: Cost Savings & Revenue Generation

Earn 12-18% internal rates of return on your power system. Whatever your location, utility or rate structure, CleanSpark’s mPULSE software maximizes return on investment by using lowest-cost power sources at all times while remaining flexible for future over the meter opportunities.

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Vendor Agnostic Integration

Power systems are expensive, reduce first costs by at least 20%. Vendor competition for high-value components such as Solar PV, Energy Storage, and Backup Generators can significantly reduce first cost and boost your project’s economics.

Reputable Ecosystem of Utility Proven Hardware

Utility proven substation field servers with a 10 year warranty drive CleanSpark’s software and control suite at your site along with fleet scale data services ensure your system is accessible at all times.

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Flexible, Scalable, and Intelligent

mPulse™ is a massively scalable hybrid-cloud solution that puts site-specific business value into the microgrid to enable highly resilient, disconnected, intelligent site functionality while backing that functionality with cloud-honed insights drawn from not only your microgrid’s own history but industry standard modeling and AI-driven forecasts.

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Cyber-Secure Energy Security

Designed from the ground up with NERC’s Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards and the United States Department of Defense Risk Management Framework (RMF) in mind and built upon Microsoft’s Azure’s platform leveraging end-to-end encryption across all data-flows.

“Your individual technologies are far ahead of the known market, and together have the potential to change the face of the current microgrid and energy industry.”

– United States Marine Corps

“The system architecture is elegant, flexible and scalable and best possible system to control a multi-vendor microgrid.”

– Southern California Edison

“The result was possibly the most advanced microgrid/smart building project in the world.”

– RealComm


DER Software Enabled Energy Manager


Microgrid Value Stream Optimizer


Engineering & Grid Development Services


Reduce carbon-dioxide emissions

Monitor Energy Analytics and Profits From any Computer
CleanSpark’s integrated dashboard keeps you up to date with your company’s energy usage, efficiencies realized and profits earned from anywhere on earth. Read More

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Navigant Research ranks CleanSpark as a Top 10 microgrid provider

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