mPulse CleanSpark’s Controller & Distributed Energy Resource Management System

mPulse is an energy management and supervisory control software platform that leverages standard protocols and interfaces (such as SunSpec, Modbus, DNP3, TCP/IP, XMPP, OpenADR 2.0b,JSON to name a few). CleanSpark’s system is designed to be  technology agnostic and capable of integrating with wide array of energy resources and management systems, cyber-physical security is built into all levels of CleanSpark’s technology.

mPulse software is modular and supports energy systems from simple to complex. Our controls hardware compromises commercial-off-the-shelf products sourced from Tier 1,ISO 9000 vendors, which allows for plug-and-play implementation and is made to scale and evolve as your energy needs change over time. mPulse has dynamic monitoring and optimization capabilities; its algorithms monitor the conditions of your microgrid or energy system and respond quickly to maintain system integrity, maximize energy savings and ensure future energy availability.