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Simplistic Configuration, Rapid Results, Interactive Data

Power system optimization is extremely challenging. Consideration include physical infrastructure, DER technical constraints, regional factors, meteorological factors, cost metrics, and lifecycle expenses to name a few. Should your project be a single meter, all CleanSpark requires is your historical energy consumption. Should your project be more complex and perhaps you would like to consider a number of scenarios, simply complete our easy to use Microsoft Excel configuration file that any energy professional can complete, regardless of background,

Drill Down to Details: Multiple nodes Multiple DER. Before and After

mVSO Answers the What:

A deep utility rate structure and energy market understanding informs the foundation on which Microgrid Value Stream Optimizer is built; however, utility decentralization will be accomplished in a variety of ways across differing regional jurisdictions. How does the system manage change of the life of the system that can be 20-30 years?

mPULSE Software and Control Suite Answers the How:

CleanSpark’s mPulse Software and Control Suite operates on- site in real-time. The platform has been designed with flexibility in mind by enabling vendor and technology agnostic integration of a variety of resources, current and future, utilizing standard protocols and replica rolex watches increasingly prevalent standards. In addition, mPULSE ensures your DER project remains future-proof and rolex replica adapts to changes in utility rate structure, utility incentive programs, and wholesale markets.

A Complete Solution Offering Certainty of Execution

Every multi-DER and microgrid deployment must answer two very important questions:

  • What system should be installed to meet my objectives for cost savings, sustainability and energy security?
  • Once the system is installed, how should the system be operated in real time to meet these objectives amid changing utility rates, utility programs, and wholesale markets?