The technology used in our Downdraft Gasifier is state of the art, unique and proprietary. It is the technology that ultimately separates our equipment from other currently proposed and used methods. Computer controls and remote sensing capabilities ensure that the equipment will operate efficiently and flawlessly, with minimum cost in operation.

Stratean Inc”s Gasifier has been engineered with improvements over the proof of concept design, facilitating a commercial unit with enchanced function and utility in use. The principal advantages of the Stratean Inc. Stratified Downdraft Gasifier are:

  • Modular concept allows for parallel processing, so any facility could be easily expanded or reduced without risk or changing the basic structure by simply adding or removing module units, it also allows for multiple end product processing, producing electricity, ethanol, and fuels simultaneously, and for universal parts which reduces maintenance costs
  • Modular concept ensures the quality and allows a facility utilizing out gasifier to be constructed and commissioned within 12 to18 months
  • Compact size allows waste to be dealt with where is it created, and the electricity and fuels to be generated where it is needed, thereby eliminating costly shipping fees
  • The direct heat transfer of the gases to the material being gasified is efficient, and as a natural consequence of the process, the product gas is stripped of its impurities, eliminating the costly hot gas clean up associated with other Gasifiers
  • Pollutant absorbing binder aids in efficiency, cracking hydrocarbons acting as a catalyst, and absorbs the pollutants, oxidizes carbon eliminating water vapor and all but 5 – 10% carbon dioxide, which in our estimation will eliminate the need for carbon sequestration
  • The process is largely self-regulating which provides a high degree of automation, and the one stage process is very simple and does not require highly qualified engineers to operate
  • Produces an acceptable alternative to natural gas
  • Ash by product makes an excellent road and cement aggregate
  • Green energy credits may be available for our customers for Federal tax purposes
  • Process is nearly 100% environmentally friendly
  • Any and all liquid and solid organic wastes can be utilized and disposed of, producing no residual wastes.

Due to the outstanding characteristics mentioned above, use of this reactor will have the impact of reducing capital outlay and operational costs of synthesis gas processes relative to either multi-tubular or “conventional” slurry reactors.

Several unique factors affect the Capitalization and Long-Term cost factors of energy production using our “Waste to Energy” technology:

  • Feedstocks are considered waste, and are likely to be furnished at no cost. In fact, the payment of a standard “Tipping” fee is charged to discharge the waste to a disposal facility or to one of our Waste to Energy facilities.
  • The System utilizes approximately 20% of its energy production to run itself. This means that 80% of product is available for sale, with no additional energy bill for operation.
  • Operating costs are limited to minimal operators, catalyst, and feedstock preparation into uniform pellet form.
  • Disposal of by-products is incorporated in an aggregate product which is used to cast building blocks, barriers, light poles and similar cement formed products. All these are saleable and produce additional income.

Consideration of the above items, when combined with initial Capital Cost, and Income projections, shed a more than favorable picture of the cost factors of implementing the Stratean Inc. System of Alternative Green Fuel Production.

We are ready to revolutionize an industry with our technology. Stratean Inc. creates renewable energy through new gasification technology that will make significant contributions in solving the growing global climate change and waste management problems. These technologies are environmentally safe and can produce a clean synthesis gas from virtually any organic material.

The United States must develop a clean, secure, and affordable energy supply. Now.

Welcome to Stratean Inc’s world.